Introducing a new, forward thinking and innovative courier company. We are an independent London based cycle courier company. We specialise in fast efficient delivery services using only pedal power. We will be communicating with our customers through the powers of social media therefore cutting out the middle man and offering a much more personable service.

You will be able to book your jobs online with twitter, skype, facebook or email©. or using more traditional methods such as phone and web booking systems.

We will also eliminate the need for companies to pay the extra money for parcel cars and small vans by offering cargo bike services. Cargo bikes are often quicker within London than vans and parcel cars. As well as this they are cheaper and burn no fuel except for the calories of those riding them.

If you don’t want an account we will also be offering the option of paying the courier in person using your credit or debit card©. . So you will be able to book your job via whichever means suits you and have it picked up and paid for in a quick and efficient manner.

Keep your ears and eyes peeled for the launch of this fantastic new courier service coming early 2011.

Twitter @tweetaridebike